Random things updated May the 5th

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Random things updated May the 5th

Postby Aal » Sat May 05 2012 - 18:24:51

So just to give an idea of the things done in a day....

-fixed bug- The date/time displayed on every page IS NOT RIGHT! This is a bug. The minute seems to be always 05, which is the month
-new- Replace all URLs in the HTML templates with %TAGS%
-new- Added settings to constants.php: SITE_NAME / DEBUG / DB Tables
-new- In the e-mail verification table there's now a timestamp
-fixed bug-- Fixed a bug on test site: added forum/irc tables to database and added irc-cmd SQL stored procedures to the database (also added constants for forum/irc tables)
-new-- Add settings to constants.php instead of hardcoded (e.g SITE_URL=”www.fatdog.eu”)
-new- Created forum/website/ircd database and file backups (housekeeping scripts which run at night)
-fixed bug-- Remove references to "fatnet" and fatdog.nl in the ircd and java client (old domain and network names)
-fixed bug-> [14:09] -irc.fatdog.eu- Welcome to Fatnet!
-fixed bug-> irc.fatdog.eu FatnetIRCd HIRWiorswx MNOPRYbhiklmnoprstvw Ybhklovw
-fixed bug-> FatDog IRC - http://www.fatdog.nl = in the HELP button window of java client at the bottom
-new-- Created a nightly crontab script which takes care of housekeeping automatically
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