FatDog.NL Terms of Service and Privacy Policy - Update!

All users please read.
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FatDog.NL Terms of Service and Privacy Policy - Update!

Postby Exaga » Sat Oct 08 2016 - 19:12:30

All FatDog users please be informed that:

The FatDog.NL Terms of Service and Privacy Policy have been revised and updated.

Terms of Service: http://www.fatdog.eu/index.php?p=tos

Privacy Policy: http://www.fatdog.eu/index.php?p=privacy

All users are requested to read BOTH these documents and act accordingly. If you do not agree with them then please do not use FatDog.NL or FatDog.EU website(s) or service(s).

You will notice that FatDog.NL and FatDog.EU websites now advertise that cookies are being used. You can choose to turn cookies off in your browser and still use the website(s) but you may not get the full experience of website functions by doing so. These cookies are session based and are used for certain features of the website(s).

Thank you.

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