All users please READ!

All users please read.
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All users please READ!

Postby Exaga » Wed Apr 18 2012 - 21:03:50

All users should take time to read the Terms & Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy which are now in effect from 28 April 2012.

FatDog Network Rules

All users of required to agree with, and adhere to, the following rules and guidelines:

1. is used by people from all walks of life, and with that in mind you should register using a sensible name. Registered names which correlate to any offensive, or derogatory, values will be removed by the Admin's, at their discretion.

2. As operates within, and supports, the spirit of netiquette, users are expected to conduct themselves within that same spirit, both on the chat server and in the forums. This may include, but is not exclusively limited to;
a) NO personal victimization of individuals for their actions, decisions, ideals, opinions or statements. If you have a personal problem with anybody, take it up with them privately. Don't use the public forums or chat rooms for any melodrama or feuding.
b) NO racism towards other users for their nationality, colour, creed, principles, heritage or birthright.
c) NO real life political instigation or melodrama. This often causes rifts between individuals instead of building bridges, as everyone has a different viewpoint/opinion regarding such issues.
NB: There are exceptions, of course, (joking and raillery is more than welcome) but it is hoped that all users are mature and sensible enough to know what is and what isn't acceptable.

3. All posts and messages containing links to external resources should be CLEARLY labeled/titled. Other users need to know what they are clicking on so please mark all your links correctly. It can be dangerous to click on links when you don't know what you're downloading, and occasionally it also can be a total waste of time.
Example: - "take a look at this" = WRONG! - "me on the beach in Hawaii" = RIGHT!
NB: Internet links to external sources should never be socially or morally objectionable or offensive. Any links which generally offend, are spammed, or are not in the best interests of the network in general, will result in an immediate ban for the user(s) who posted them.

4. Please be as helpful as possible when dealing with Staff members whilst they are carrying out their duties towards the network. They are there to assist in running the network and making your experience a more pleasant one. Please also use English language when speaking with Staff, unless asked to do otherwise. This isn't something you should expect to happen on a regular basis. Unless, of course, you are the type of chat user who has a problem sticking to the rules.
a) You must not claim to be a member of, or to be working on behalf of, Staff in any capacity or for any reason(s). Admin's and Staff are ONLY appointed by the FatDog Network Admin's and can be identified easily by their hostnames, which will reflect their status and vocation on the network.

5. NO spamming the chat server or the forum! Everyone knows what spam/spamming means so do not even attempt it! NO spam also applies to private messaging. Any abuse or misuse of this rule will lead to an instant ban.

7. Any and all reports or complaints should be made in the Reports & Complaints Forum where they will be handled accordingly. All complaints will only be dealt with by a member of Staff or an Administrator.

8. The FatDog Minecraft game server(s) has it's own set of rules. Please refer to the FatDog Minecraft Forum for any and all information relating to the game on

9. Always remember, if you can't be amicable at least be civilized. All users are encouraged to view the following website for information on netiquette:


Thank you for taking the time to read the FatDog Network rules. Please remember them for your own benefit as well as everyone else's.

Thanks, The FatDog Management.

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