RPi boot-firmware explained

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RPi boot-firmware explained

Postby Exaga » Tue Dec 10 2013 - 23:05:11

The Raspberry Pi boot-firmware files and a brief explanation of what they do. These firmware files can be found on your /boot partition.


bootcode.bin - This file is the 2nd stage bootloader containing the GPU's boot code.

start*.elf - These files determine how much of the available memory is assigned to the GPU

fixup*.dat - Additional files to configure the SDRAM partition between the GPU and the CPU

config.txt - (optional) This file is read by the GPU at boot time and controls video modes, clocking and boot options. Think of it as the system "BIOS". For more details see http://elinux.org/RPi_config.txt

cmdline.txt - This is the kernel's command line. You can set kernel boot parameters by editing this file.

kernel.img, System.map - kernel.img is the Linux kernel, and System.map is the kernel's symbol table.


* When updating your firmware you just need to copy the bootcode.bin, plus all start*.elf and fixup*.dat files to your /boot partition. ;)

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