Raspberry Pi micron CPU not rebooting OK after rpi-update

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Raspberry Pi micron CPU not rebooting OK after rpi-update

Postby joe90 » Sat Dec 14 2013 - 03:08:14

I have download the new installer - 09Dec13 - and ran it which works fine and rebooting ok. slackpkg update|upgrade-all works fine too. When I ran rpi-update my new raspberry pi did not reboot normally but it hangs on start screen for ever. if I unplug power and turn it back on after 30 secs it works and loads normally mostly. still sometimes when I reboot it hangs and sometimes it works OK. always seems to work OK the first time I turn on but if I reboot after using it for +1 hour there it hangs on start screen. I have a new raspberry pi from RS with M on CPU - micron made. my other raspberry pi with hynix CPU it always works everytime OK. the latest firmware is not as good as old firmware. it rarely hangs on reboot before I update to latest firmware with rpi-update.

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Re: Raspberry Pi micron CPU not rebooting OK after rpi-updat

Postby Exaga » Sat Dec 14 2013 - 15:19:13

Hi Joe,

I too have found the latest RPi with the Micron RAM has issues when booting. It's got nothing to do with Slackware ARM because it does the same thing when booting Debian and Raspbian. Besides, it's mainly hanging for me before the rainbow start screen with just the power LED on, but also at times it hangs on the start screen itself. Which means either the bootloader.bin is not being loaded into the GPU, or it is but it's not being executed, or it is being executed but the GPU firmware (start*.elf) is not being loaded and/or executed properly. I rarely experience kernel crashes when loading the OS, but it has been known to happen. I'm putting these niggles with the latest new RPI (Micron RAM version) down to 'teething problems' which will hopefully be resolved through future updated firmware.

Here's how the boot process goes on the Raspberry Pi, if you're interested:

~ Power on ~
1. GPU Core
2. 1st stage bootloader (in ROM on the SoC)
3. bootcode.bin (2nd stage bootloader)
4. start*.elf (3rd stage bootloader)
4a. - fixup*.dat
4b. - config.txt (optional)
4c. - cmdline.txt (optional)
4d. - kernel.img
~ Load the OS ~

Any boot commands, scripts, or configs after that are called by the kernel, init, or the system. ;)

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