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Postby t0z » Wed Jan 22 2014 - 23:03:05

Hi, i installed slackarm successfuly on my pi but for some reason, my pi doesn't seem to read my config.txt at boot.

Running: Linux 3.10.27-arm.

rpi-update give:

*** ARM/GPU split is now defined in /boot/config.txt using the gpu_mem option!
*** Your firmware is already up to date

So, i got the latest.



That's the only line in it.

And when i use "htop" i still get 231 allocated for RAM only.

Any taught?

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Re: Config.txt

Postby Exaga » Thu Jan 23 2014 - 15:13:41

Hi t0z,

I would delete the config.txt file and create it again, as root user, before rebooting. I have noticed sometimes the formatting is wrong and extra bytes are added to the filesize (especially if you've edited it in Windows with a third party text editor - or used wordpad (which you should never do). Also make sure the config.txt file and /boot/ directory is not set "read only" and that your SD card lock/unlock switch is not in the 'locked' position. Although if your SD card was locked it would crash at boot time. :D

Ensure you have the latest bootcode.bin, start*.elf and fixup*.dat files in your /boot directory. NB: there are 3 start*.elf files and 3 fixup*.dat files. You want them all in your /boot dir.

Other things to consider, your SD card itself. Have you tried a different SD card and found the same results?


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