Let's Add Slackware to Raspberry Pi's List of "Downloads"!

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Let's Add Slackware to Raspberry Pi's List of "Downloads"!

Postby haziz » Sun Feb 09 2014 - 17:54:00

You have to search for Slackware to find references to it running on the Raspberry Pi; which is not what most users will do. Let us petition/harrass/work on adding ArmedSlack and Slackware to the list of "supported" or "blessed" distros running on the Raspberry Pi.


The "blessed" list already includes Arch so they are not entirely avoiding distros with a somewhat steep learning curve, and I would argue that Slackware is far easier to install and use than Arch.

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Re: Let's Add Slackware to Raspberry Pi's List of "Downloads

Postby Exaga » Mon Feb 10 2014 - 00:43:20

Hi haziz,

I personally agree with you. In fact, I cannot understand why the most suitable Linux OS on which to learn "the basics" isn't officially supported and/or endorsed for the Raspberry Pi. For some reason, unknown to anybody else, Slackware ARM seems to be ignored by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. It's such a shame.

I have written several emails to the Raspberry Pi Foundation requesting that they consider supporting Slackware ARM officially. I am still yet to receive a reply to any of those emails. I also know a few people who have posted the same kind of suggestions on the official Raspberry Pi forums and got little or no response, but there was certainly no real positive interest coming from it.

Thank you for your post. It encourages me to know there are people, like myself, who believe in Slackware and want to promote it on the Raspberry Pi. Let's hope in the months and years to come, that will be the case.

Respect! 8-)

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