Slackware on the Raspberry Pi is a Memory Hog?!?

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Slackware on the Raspberry Pi is a Memory Hog?!?

Postby haziz » Tue Feb 11 2014 - 13:43:53

I installed Slackware 14.1 on my Raspberry Pi (512 meg RAM) using the instructions on this site. I used a fairly vanilla install for the Raspberry Pi and intend to use it mainly from the command line. To my surprise the memory footprint of it booting into the CLI is approximately 360 megs (determined using "free"). Even my x86 install on my laptop uses less memory (also a 32 bit 14.1 install). Raspbian and Arch on the same Pi use < 100 megs for a CLI boot. I think of Slackware as a lean, mean computing machine, which is why this surprised me.

So why is it this much of a memory hog? A big slice of the RAM devoted to the GPU/Framebuffer? Daemons starting at boot? If that is the case why is my x86 utilizing less memory?

On a side note, is the kernel for Slackware compiled for a hard or soft float?

I love Slackware immensely and will continue to use it on the Raspberry Pi, I am just curious.

EDIT: Now that I understand the output of free better, I think I was overestimating the memory footprint (I was reading the free memory off the first line of output from free) used by Slackware. It seems it's memory usage is no worse than Raspbian or Arch, though it's kernel does seem to create much bigger caches than the other two distros.

BTW I am still interested in knowing whether Slackware's Raspberry Pi kernel is compiled for using soft or hard floats?

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