Where is gnu/stubs-hard.h in the Raspberry Pi ?

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Where is gnu/stubs-hard.h in the Raspberry Pi ?

Postby micctoh » Wed Dec 03 2014 - 12:44:40

Hello and Greetings !,

I have just installed Slackwarearm-current on a model B Raspi with the 16 Nov 2014 installer and have done the slackpkg upgrade-all and rpi-udate and is now functioning on k 3.12.33+ . uname indicates that the raspi is installed with armv6l and I therefore assume that it uses hardware floating points.

Am trying to compile ffmpeg from AlienBOB's slackbuild, but the process is stuck at building x265 because /usr/gnu/stubs-hard.h is non-existent on my installation. The stubs-soft.h is there. Hence x265 compilation bombs out at this point.

the file /usr/include/gnu/stubs.h was generated at installation of the gcc-gnu package as such :

Code: Select all

 if !defined _ARM_PCS_VFP
            include  <gnu/stubs-soft.h>
           if defined _ARM_PCS_VFP
            include  <gnu/stubs-hard.h>

I am asking here first, because it's probably more likely that someone here has encountered this before.

Also, in x264 compilation, I had to disable-asm in the configuration stage to get the process to compile, but that is related to the slackbuild script and I probably should seek help from AlienBob.

VLC also 'successfully' compiled (from AlienBob's slackbuild script and assembled dependencies ) in a 23 hours-long process, but I am not able to run it on the xfce desktop, beyond getting an initial frame of a video file (avi, also mp4) because of memory-exhaustion?

I am probably hoping for too much from this little marvel of RASPI !

Would anyone kindly assist ? :D


Edited 4Dec 2014 :

I have just looked at Mr Winter's explanations of Soft/Hard Floating point support in linuxquestion.org of 2 Aug 2014, who explained about Slackware ARM ( ARMedSlack previously ) being ported from Slackware as a soft-float thing.
My apologies for asking this question here. I should have looked further in linuxquestion.org's ARM section !

So, if I really want to get hard-float support ( and use multimedia on Slackware-ARM ) I would have to recompile a few non-trivial packages including a re-worked gcc !

Do I have any alternatives ? maybe. In Rasbian, I could apt-get install ffmpeg ( albeit a different version with less support, perhaps an old-fork as well).
But like all old Slackers, I'll stick with Slack-ARM and await further work from AlienBob & Co. ... there's so much more other Raspi stuff to do in Slackware-ARM. It follows that my other comments about vlc and x264/x265 are all mis-conceived, and I apologise.


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